That Thing

written 9/27/17

I felt really accomplished last week because I finally did something I've been talking about doing for literally YEARS!! It's one of those things that didn't need to be complicated, but I was making it so. It didn't need to be perfect, either, but I was waiting until it was. I've been one step away - one excuse away - from finishing a yoga video for a very long time, and it would kill me every time I'd have a conversation with someone who says they want to try yoga but are afraid to go to a studio, or they travel a lot and need something mobile, or just want a simple flow to do at home in the morning, and I've had to say: stay tuned! I'm soooo gonna do this thing...

You know that one thing?! That thing you've been saying you're gonna do, that thing you really WANT to do, but there's some reason you can't, it's not the right time, you don't know exactly how to start, you think nobody really cares if you do it (like, how many yoga vids are out there already?!), you think you're not ready/talented/strong/smart/disciplined enough, yadayadyada...? Well you guys, it's time. Your Lazy Wellness tip of the week is...


Maybe it's reading a certain book, catching up with an old friend, sharing something with the world, letting something go, taking a painting class, or starting a new work out routine. And if it happens to be doing yoga - well now you have a new video to help you accomplish your goal! If it's creating a new habit of some kind, try the Intentional Change Project model to set realistic goals. It doesn't have to be huge - maybe just start by noticing what you talk about doing, what you think about doing, and consider how long that's been going on. Then come to the Lazy Wellness Facebook group to let us know what your THING is, why you've been putting it off, how you're gonna accomplish it now, and how good it felt to do so!!

Get it!