Overcoming Resistance

(aka how to stop procrastinating and get things done)


1. AWARENESS. Can you call yourself out when you're resisting or procrastinating? Try posting a sign on your desk (or the place where resistance tends to come up) that will help remind you to be mindful.

2. IDEAL SELF. How would the best version of you approach this task? Take it seriously, even if you're not as far along as you'd like; fake it til you make it!!

3. SET INTENTIONS. Don't just sit down to work without being clear about what your priorities are. Pick the top 1-3 tasks to focus on and do nothing else until they're done.

4. GET RID OF DISTRACTIONS. Close all your tabs, clear off your desk, but DON'T let clearing distractions be a distraction! Just make the space, and get to it.

5. MAKE A DATE. Pick a time and place for important tasks, and stick to it like you've made plans with a friend or an important colleague. Don't break your plans; show up for yourself just as you would for someone else (you deserve it, too).

6. KNOW YOUR WHY. What is your motivation? Why do you want to get this done? Remind yourself of your WHY; maybe even put it on your sign (see #1).

7. MOVE IT. When you're feeling stagnant you've got to change the flow of energy; get up and take a dance break, a yoga break, or a walk. Clear your mind, get into your body, and get back to it.

8. ACCOUNTABILI-BUDDY. Find a friend, support network, or coach to hold you accountable. I recommend weekly check-ins; set your intentions at the beginning of the week, and reflect on what you accomplished (and why/why not) at the end of the week.

9. BABY STEPS. Oftentimes we get stuck because the task at hand just feels too big. Break it down into itty bitty steps or tasks and celebrate the completion of each one.

10. JUST START. Literally the most effective tool for overcoming resistance. Those baby steps will help this one, just sit down and force yourself to start. Don't be so concerned with the eventual outcome at first, consider any movement in the right direction a success.