How's the new year going so far? There's been a ton of energy in the yoga studios this past week, probably our busiest time of year. I've been going going going, and loving it so much. I thrive off that energy, and feel like I can teach allthe classes, and then some.

On Friday, before heading to teach, I got on the phone with a friend who is working with a new form of coaching / healing and wanted to do a session. I had had a busy day and almost canceled the call, but was so interested in the modality he was working on and wanted to learn more. I told him I didn't have any pressing issues to dive into; I had been running on full speed lately and was feeling good, but I knew I needed some time for myself, too. He led me through a couple of calming and grounding exercises, ones which I would typically lead for my yoga class or coaching clients. It was hard for me to not jump in and say: hey I know this one! Yeah I tell folks to do this too. 

It was hard for me to really do it, given that I knew where it was going. But I sat back and let him lead, quieting that know-it-all ego, that part of me that thought I didn't really need this exercise that I was already so familiar with. I realized quickly just how nice it felt to be on the other end of this call and of this exercise, being able to relax into it and be led. The call became not another to-do, but exactly that time I needed for myself. It was a strong reminder that whatever it is we're always doing for other people, or suggesting they try, or saying to encourage them, we need to do for ourselves, too. 

It can be really hard to take our own advice, to quiet that ego that says you're different and should be tougher. Or maybe we just don't have the perspective to really see what it is we need, and what we need is a good friend or coach to reflect back to us our own strengths, our own desires, and our own made up stories.

So I ask you - what is it you truly need? 

Can you sit with that question, and see what comes up really deep in your gut?

Can you send some of whatever it is you're constantly putting out there, back to yourself? 

Can you allow yourself to be held

I hope you can.