What are you saying?

"If you were to stand in front of a room full of people and were not teaching yoga, what would you say to the crowd? Why?" 
-Kajuan Douglas

I went to a workshop for yoga teachers this past weekend- it was all about teaching authentically and we were given this prompt. I thought it was a great way to put it: the sequence, the playlist, and the words that I choose ultimately craft a message. What do I want that to be? If I was sharing it like a speech, what would I be saying?

I've always been really into curating a full experience, but hadn't really thought of it quite like this before. I liked the idea that all the little pieces were telling a story together (cuz I love stories!), and it got me thinking - isn't that what we're all doing? Like, all the time?

Whether you teach yoga, run a restaurant, work at a bank or at an art gallery, we're all telling a story and sharing a message with every little thing we do. We make choices every day on where to spend our money, what to put in our bodies, how we treat the earth, how we treat each other. We each have a unique style from the clothes we wear to the way we communicate what it is we're trying to say. We choose the people we surround ourselves with and the things that we read and listen to. We all create something, whether it's a product that makes life easier, a lovely home for your family, an artistic instagram feed or some kind of experience for people; whatever your energy is going towards- that's what you're creating, and all those little choices are playing their part in the story. 

So, what's your message?

If you were to stand in front of an audience and say what you wanted to say, what would that be?

Do you think your everyday choices and the things that you create and nourish are representative of what you're trying to say to the world? 

For me this isn't really a one-and-done. I have a lot of messages! But a good check-in point throughout the day, throughout the week, throughout changing seasons and shifting focus. Am I representing my values? Am I walking my talk? What am I saying to the crowd?



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