I'm making this quick because I'm so ready for bed, and lately I'm trying to ask myself: what is really the best thing I can do right now? And then trying to do that thing. 

This question popped into my head last Saturday night, when I was settling into bed and could have easily taken a dive down the rabbit hole by picking up my laptop and starting to do some work, which is what I usually do. I always say it'll be like 30 min - I just want to look at something - and spend the next 2 hours in an excel spreadhsheet. I think that because this has become such a common thing for me to do, I just expect I'll do it and kinda accept that. But last Saturday was different...

I considered how the need to do more is linked to a belief - one that most of us have - that doing more is always better. That the end goal, whether it's your biz or your fitness or your family, will always benefit from you doing more things. But most of the time we think of these "end goals" and forget one crucial part in our mental image of the accomplishment: ourselves. Meaning, all the things in the world could be checked off the list (sidenote: that will literally never happen so stop trying), but if we are completely exhausted, under-nourished, anxiety-ridden shells of ourselves, did we really accomplish that thing? Can we even show up to that celebration??

It's been said in the wellness world a gazillion different ways ("you can't pour from an empty cup"), but last Saturday it struck me in a new way, and the question came through: what is really the best thing I can do right now?  Big picture thinking - it was clearly to put myself to bed. All the things will get done tomorrow, or the next day, but if I can't show up because I'm tired, well it's like everything gets a little watered down.

As I settled in under the covers, I felt a combination of relief and something a little more surprising - it was almost like the feeling of being loved, or feeling chosen - the one we seek so much from other people (perhaps why we do all the things?) but instead it was coming from ME. I thought - wouldn't it be cool if we could get so addicted to that feeling - the feeling of choosing ourselves - that we couldn't help but not? 

Maybe the answer to the question what is the best thing I can do right now?  won't always be rest - it won't always be to stop and take a break. Sometimes the best thing is to dig in, to keep going, or even to zone out and scroll instagram (I believe we need that time too - if you enjoy it!), but why not ask the question? Instead of operating on a default "just keep going" mode, let's evaluate; let's catch ourselves when we've accidentally dropped a brick on the gas pedal again and take it off instead of just assuming it’s too heavy to lift.

What is really the best thing you can do for your "end goal" right now? (HINT: It’s probably the thing you’re procrastinating on…)