The Long Way Home

It's 5am in Barcelona...

I can't sleep. Jet lag is a bitch. I slept til 4pm yesterday, got a solid 13 hours of sleep (I was tired). And now, I can't sleep. 

Truth is, it's not all jet lag's fault. I find myself unable to sleep like this when I'm processing a lot of stuff, and being back in Barcelona, well certainly some things for me to process here. Fueled by nostalgia and a desire for reflection, I decided to read through my old/first-ever blog, start-to-finish.

Yes, I had a blog before the wellness one, and I hadn't looked at it in years!

It's the story of "the big trip" aka my travels through Europe in 2013, and my attempt to settle into NYC right after, and my eventual return to Barcelona. It's the story of how and why this city came to be so important for me, and the documentation of a trip that was supposed to just be a trip turning into a life-changing journey. It's where I got to practice writing, and became much more comfortable with sharing.

It's my "eat-pray-love." 

You've heard the story in snippets and nutshells, but after the blog being locked these last few years, I decided to reopen it. For those of you who are curious - about me, about travel, about how this whole thing started - here it is.

I titled it The Long Way Home, at the time thinking I was taking the long way to get from Colorado back to the east coast, traveling through Europe first. What was then just a clever title has had so many more meanings for me over the years, and the journey continues...

Where is "home?" Do we ever really "arrive"? What is it we're really searching for? 

Will I sleep at all tonight? Not sure. Sunrise is in about an hour and a half, and the Mediterranean is a short metro ride away.... 



note: the posts on The Long Way Home are listed newest>oldest. Start at the first one in August 2013 to go in chronological order