Sometimes I feel like the time between Turkey Day and New Year's Day is like a vortex where everything gets super crazy and we start the new year with all kinds of big plans, most of which don't stick because we've been off our game for a month and a half already.

So how can we more mindfully enter this holiday season and maintain the healthy habits we've worked so hard to build? You might be traveling, feeling extra stress from your family time, inundated with holiday parties, invited to cocktails every night, and tempted by holiday treats everywhere you turn. So consider this your Lazy Wellness plan of attack... 

1. Pick your priority - which habit do you already have that you really want to stick to? Know that some things will need room to flex; what will be the cornerstone to keep you grounded? 

2. Involve family & friends - maybe Mom would be into a restorative yoga class? Or the whole gang would enjoy a walk after the big meal? Can you teach your neice how to cook your favorite healthy-and-delicious dish? 

3. Plan ahead - I always know what I'm getting at the Cuzzolino dinner table: casseroles, candied yams, and pretty much no veggie that didn't come from a can. Gotta love my fam and their traditions, but I also love adding something healthy to the mix to help it all go down. I usually try to surprise everyone by bringing something that doesn't taste "healthy," ya know? This recipe went over pretty well one year; check out my Pinterest for more ideas!

3a. The planning ahead tactic goes beyond the big meal, too. If you're staying a few days you may need other meals and snacks at the ready; pack it in or get yourself to the store at the beginning of your trip to get some basics. I always try to make sure I have a good breakfast available, because I wake up starving and the rest of your meals you can more easily find throughout the day.

4. Enjoy without guilt - Don't forget this one!! It's the holidays, let yourself enjoy all that the season has to offer!! I'm a strong believer that guilt can be just as bad for our bodies as the third piece of pie, so relax, skip a workout, eat the pie; do it all mindfully, and ditch the guilt!!

5. Remember what the holidays really mean - To really enjoy the holidays and time with family & friends, consider what the holidays actually mean to you. Think about the parts that are fun for you and focus on those; you don't have to engage in every part of the season if they don't all serve you in some way. 

6. Take five - Last but not least, have your take-five plan in place. When it all gets to be too much, where can you go to take some deep breaths, go for a walk, do some journaling, or whatever you need to do to re-center? 

6a. And don't forget that just five minutes of movement is better than none! If you practice yoga regularly, you're probably familiar enough with a sun salutation to run through a few of those yourself, maybe adding some gentle, intuitive stretches that your body craves. Or check out a lazy video for a guided 20-minute flow!

Have a fantastic holiday!! 



P.S. Stressed about what gifts to give? Give the gift of Lazy Wellness!!