V-Day Roundup

So it's Valentine's Day and we all know that's a bullshit holiday.... but I'm still gonna send you a bunch of love-focused things because I like the excuse to re-visit LOVE. And really, that's how I've celebrated Valentine's Day the last several years; love always deserves another visit. 

But first! I'm super excited about this podcast that just came out - which I AM ON! The Husband & Wife Talk podcast is hosted by my friend and retreat chef, Alex, and her hubby. In this episode we talk about my journey through anxiety, yoga, wellness, mindfulness, leaving my former career, struggle city, and ultimately beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I tell the story of St Kitt's, which was way more complicated than it seemed at the time, and even talk relationships. 

Alex and Corey also had our retreat astrologer, Amanda, on a few months go - she is incredible and I could not be more proud to call these women my TEAM for my retreats. Which, by the way, next one starts TOMORROW!! Yay!! Can't wait to get out there with this awesome group of people. Don't worry, I'll be opening registration for the Spring Retreat as soon as I get back ;) 

Anyhoo, back to V-day. I think I'll always throw back to this blog post about self-love; it's not only one of my favorites, it really brings me back to the early days of this blog, and was the first one I wrote that got a real response. I remember thinking - wow, this is a real thing... the message is timeless and always impactful.

Finally, here's a loving kindness meditation if you want to really *feel* those loving vibes. Because, again, why not use the lame holiday as an excuse to amp up your own self-love and ability to spread love everywhere you go? Don't we know it's what makes the world go round?