No idea

Most Wednesday nights I have no idea what I'm going to write to you about until I actually sit down and start writing. Even then, I may begin with one thought and it takes a turn. I usually have a few ideas, but don't know which one wants to come out the most. Tonight I am thinking about three very different topics - some will eventually get written about, some may not... 

With these ideas swimming around in my mind, I opened my laptop - wasted some time on facebook first (duh) - and made my way to Mailchimp. I started a new email, edited the recipients, and went to edit the title: Lazy Wellness #72: no idea, I wrote, still not knowing where this was gonna land. I have to get into the body of the email, first, I thought. 

But then I realized how important it was that I had simply opened the browser. That I took the steps to start the email, even before I knew what I was gonna write about. That I put a placeholder, "no idea" instead of nothing. I ran through the "easy" steps to get to the actual thing - and I had started. 

A few weeks ago as we drove back from the Lazy Wellness fall retreat, I was talking about how I'm always doing so much, and sometimes I think I should just do one thing - like, give myself a break already. My new friend and the amazing chef who cooks on all my retreats, Alex, interrupted me to say that since we met, only about 5-6 months ago, she's seen me implement a ton of ideas - she was impressed that the things I spoke to her about on our last car ride home from a retreat, I had actually done, instead of just continuing to talk about them. I was flattered by her input, because she's a pretty badass go-getter herself.

But also, she's right. 

do do a lot of things. I'm built that way; I could try to pare down, but I'd only find more projects to pursue. Lately I'm learning that this is my Leo/fire energy (but that's a whole other post, too...).  

What struck me about my process for starting this email, was that I just started. I didn't know where it was gonna go, but I started it anyway. I filled in the blanks and used placeholders and began writing. And really, that's how I've started anything, and everything. All the little (and big) projects. The yoga teaching, the journal creation, the retreat planning, the corporate wellness workshops, #thejournaljar, the public speaking, the wellness coaching, Yoga Teacher Club, and this week marks the first session of my newest project, Yoga for Bartenders (so excited!). 

Kinda a lot / I love my job. 

Now, not everyone is project-obsessed like me, but surely most of us have at least one thing that we've wanted to start but haven't yet. That little idea in the back of your head, the thing that keeps coming up in conversation and you're like - yeah, I keep meaning to do that! Ugh.

Literally, what is the first step? Break it down into the tiniest little things. Open the browser, draft the email. Sketch it out in your notebook. Do the research or make the call. Block the time in your calendar, schedule the meeting. Ask for help, start to rally your troops, or gather the resources you need. Just.... start. 


p.s. What's the thing you want to start?? I'd love to hear your idea and give you the little nudge you need to get going ;)