The Process

I'm gonna keep this short (maybe) cuz I'm in the middle of a pretty busy week with a big couple of days ahead - that's right, it's finally time for the Lazy Wellness summer retreat!!

I've wanted to lead retreats ever since I worked at a retreat in Spain almost 4 years ago, which was also right around the time I became a yoga teacher to begin with. I just love the scheduling of activities, getting to curate an experience for people, and most of all, the amazing connections and deep inner work that can come from even just a few short days spent in reflection and community. BAH! I'm so excited :)

Since this is such a milestone for me, it's certainly been the cause of a lot of reflection. My bestie and I had a convo a few weeks back about the progression of things, and how it can be hard to see it when you're IN it, but how you need every step of the way to get where you're going. You see, she is an incredibly talented jewelry designer, and on the night of this convo she told me she'd decided to really focus her biz on engagement rings - and for a reason similar to why I'm drawn to lead retreats: consulting and designing engagement rings and wedding bands is a very personal process, which allows her to get to know the client(s), have real in-person contact and connection, and be a part of something that's very special to them. Because after all, everything we do comes back to our desire for human connection... everything.

Collette shared with me that, really, this is what she wanted to do from the get-go. She announced that in a way that seemed to say: why didn't I just do engagement rings to start with?!

Well, let me tell you why...

Collette's first line was a total passion project for her, made of brass and stingray (it was SO cool and I still wear it). The stingray phased out in future lines, and the brass slowly turned to silver and then to gold. Soon enough, gemstones came into the mix, and Collette was officially making "fine jewelry." It was an incredibly natural progression that not only gave her experience, clout, and improved skills, but it gave her the confidence to begin designing something as important for people as their engagement rings. You see, she simply could not have started there. Every step was necessary in that process, even if her heart was in the more personal jewelry projects from the get-go.

And so I realize the winding path that has lead me to the weekend ahead. The retreat in Spain, the mini-retreat on Lake Washington, all the classes, the trainings, the people I've connected with... but also the times I felt frustrated and stuck and like who was I to lead a retreat? The challenges I've had to overcome and the discomfort I've had to endure. You don't just jump from A to B. As my coach says, "if this was easy, everyone would do it." He's referencing starting a business, much like the two examples above, but really it applies to anything. I believe that you will get wherever you want to go eventually, if you just don't give up. Like, how could you not eventually get there? The biggest blocks are probably inside you, and that shit takes time to untangle. Keep working on it.

All this is not to say - don't take the leap before you think you are ready. You may never think you are "ready." But if you're sitting and wishing and hoping to jump ahead to the thing that is truly not yet feasible, stop. Dare I say, enjoy the process. I know, it's the worst when people say "enjoy the process" because you just want to get to the goal already and the process is not seeming enjoyable. But "the process" is in fact, life. And it is all preparing you for what is next. So take it in. Appreciate all it can teach you. Embrace it and know that each day you are moving forward and that you'll never be right where you are ever again. And above all, trust.

What if everything you are going through is preparing you for what you asked for?
— Unknown

Much love and if you want to be the first to know of future retreats (next one Oct 2018!) get on the list!