Happy belated Earth Day! 

It was Monday if you didn't know ;) and I've been thinking about this stuff a lot lately, as I mentioned on insta yesterday, feeling inspired (read: a kick in the pants to do better) by some of the badass chicas in my life. Also, I hate clutter, and sometimes that's what all this junk we buy feels like to me. Ugh, I can't wait to clean out my closet... 

Anyhoo, I'd been gearing up for a blog post on this subject, only to re-read the one from last Earth Day and realize it says pretty much everything I want to say about it now, too. It's easy to "slip" on these things, or to simply not have awareness because we've always done things a certain way and it doesn't occur to us to do it differently. So, I challenge you to keep an eye on EVERYTHING you put in the trash bin this week, and then ask yourself - is there a more reusable option for that? Could I have used that again or bought a version that was recyclable? Could I have refused the packaging altogether by just carrying it home or bringing my own bag/container? 

I'll say it again that THERE IS NO PLACE CALLED 'AWAY.' Like, where does it all go? Piles of trash that we (at least in the U.S.) don't usually see and therefore don't ever think about. It's not good. So let's do better, eh? 



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