finally take that next step towards wellness

In my Lazy Wellness online coaching program, I create a roadmap for clients to take that next step in their personal wellness journey - no matter where they are today. We'll develop a customized plan to integrate new healthy habits into your existing lifestyle, and have weekly Skype calls to check in on progress and work through any blocks, resistance, or scheduling challenges that come up. For two months I'll be by your side - keeping you on task, on schedule, and accountable for finally making that change you've been wanting to make. Don't stress if you don't know exactly what change it is you want to make - I'll help you with that, too. 

After our time together, you'll see how small shifts can make a big impact, and you'll have the toolkit to keep up-leveling on your own. 

The Lazy Wellness approach is realistic, sustainable, and holistic. It goes beyond just diet and exercise to address mindfulness, lifestyle, self-talk, body image, relationships, and even the environment you live in. Lazy Wellness means true balance, meeting you where you are NOW and taking one step at a time. It means you set attainable goals, and give yourself the time and space to meet them; so you still get to be you, to treat-yo-self, and ditch the guilt. No more grand plans and promises of overnight transformation that simply doesn't stick. Lazy Wellness will help you slowly change small habits in your life, adding up to massive change. It will integrate wellness into your life in a way that feels easy, natural, FUN, and not deprived. 

Big change comes from hundred of tiny steps and they all matter.