Ever feel like life is just… cluttered?

Too much to do, too much physical stuff, too much noise, just too many things to juggle?

We live in a culture of more-more-more, and we’re programmed to think that the solution to our overwhelm is, well, to do more of something.

But how about LESS?

Sometimes it can be hard to see how our relationships with everything and everyone around us are draining our energy - which is where I come in. I’ll help you evaluate the energy exchange in all areas of your life:

  • Your relationship with your physical body

  • Your relationship with your work

  • Your relationship with your physical space & the things in it

  • Your relationship with your calendar

  • Your relationships with people

  • And, finally, your relationship with your deepest SELF

If you’re tired all the time and don’t know why, we’ll likely find the culprit. It’s easy to underestimate the amount of energy something is taking from you. I’ll help you simplify and clarify in all areas of your life. If there’s an area where you need to dig deeper but goes beyond my expertise, I’ll send you to someone who specializes in that area. I’ll be like your own personal project manager; in this case the project is YOU.

How can you streamline? How can you see things more clearly? How can you clear the clutter in your space, in your mind, in your life?

Because our focus here is all about the energy exchange, it’s important that we meet in-person. I’ll help you physically arrange your space and clean out your kitchen cabinets. I’ll show you how to simplify your pantry items and plan your meals. I’ll help you detoxify your skin care routine, and your social media feed. I’ll share yoga and meditation practices specifically tailored to your schedule and needs. We’ll look at your calendar and build you a schedule that works, efficiently, and leaves time for YOU. Most importantly, by clearing out all this “extra” that’s been distracting you, I’ll help you really see yourself, to dig yourself out from under the pile, and thrive as your best self.

Make no mistake, this can be difficult work. Most often we build in these distractions for a reason, we’re avoiding something deep down, we’re holding ourselves back out of fear or inaccurate self-beliefs. We first must strip away all the things we hide behind, to let our trues selves free.

Get in touch to learn more, I’d absolutely love to help you take your energy back!

Trust her.
Trust her process, even when it gets tough.
Trust that she’s genuine and authentic and she will see you.
— Jessica S.