It’s really a long story, and I’m not known for my brevity. Either way, it all started with a sarcastic and wacky tomboy who grew up in a beautiful New Jersey suburb…

After graduating college in Virginia I followed my heart and sense of adventure and moved to Boulder, Colorado. When I got there I hopped on the conventional track: I got a job, bought a Volvo, and got my shit together. I never really thought about it, I just did it because it’s what you do.

I “grew up” fast, and prided myself for being ahead of the curve. I bought my first home by myself at 24. I was settling down and yet challenging convention by going it alone. After ending yet another serious relationship at 26, I found myself with all the independence I could ever want but didn’t know what to do with it; I wasn't sure what I enjoyed anymore.  And for the first time in my life, I began asking myself what I really wanted. 

I tried to keep up, to do everything I should, while excelling in my career and social life. I accumulated friends, acquaintances, and public speaking experience. I went to the gym, I went to happy hour, and I decorated my condo. I stayed busy because busy meant important… and distracted. I organized and organized to feel in control. I bought more stuff, and I organized it.

Despite my early accomplishments and material success, I wasn’t the person I wanted to be. I'd look at others with admiration, but I didn’t think I’d ever be that person – it just wasn’t me. I'd never have glowing skin, tons of energy, or good digestion. I wouldn't be in great shape, or walk with confidence and comfort in my clothes. I found myself growing bitter and resentful, so I plotted my escape. I’d give up everything, travel Europe, and move to a bigger city - surely that would do the trick.

As I released the tight grip on this comfort zone I'd created for myself – the job, the condo, the network, the security, the familiarity – I became anxious. I thought I was perfectly in control since I had it all planned out, but in letting go of all that I had worked to accumulate, I felt out of control and began having frequent panic attacks. What the hell? I thought. I’m excited about this, this is an awesome plan! But deep down, I was freaking out.

I spent several months traveling while learning to manage my anxiety. I didn't know exactly what I was searching for out there and had grown tired and frustrated, when I came upon a health and wellbeing retreat on the coast of Spain.

While there, I finally stopped moving. I learned about healthy eating, yoga, mindfulness and meditation. I discovered comfort in my body and mind that I didn't know was possible, and I realized - for the first time - that life could be different, that everything I'd accepted as "normal," was actually not good enough. 

Able to hear myself for the first time, I realized I wanted a totally different life. I didn't want the life I had created for myself in Colorado, or the one I had planned for myself in New York; I wanted a life that didn't seem at all possible. So how do I get that? And who am I to have it? Furthermore, how can I not be who I thought I was all along??

I was terrified, and didn’t immediately implement any big changes upon my return to the US. It didn’t seem practical, logical, or responsible. Get your shit back together, I told myself. I tried but it didn’t work. My old life seemed to reject me; or maybe I was rejecting my old life. I tried to fit my new healthy habits into my old way of living and fell right back into sleepless nights and anxious days. It was as if I'd seen the light at the end of the tunnel but didn't know how to reach it.

In my travels I had learned to trust, to go with my gut, and so I did. It took me back to Spain, where I completed a yoga teacher training and went on to work at the retreat that had changed my life. 

I gained experience teaching three styles of yoga, and deepened my knowledge in health and mindfulness. Upon my second return to New York I gripped more tightly to my lessons of trust and patience, and eventually felt my fingers wrap around that next trapeze bar. I settled in and created the lifestyle I really wanted, incorporating all the lessons, healthy habits, and intentions I had gained throughout my journey. 

As a quickly-told story it may seem simple, but I can tell you that this was the most difficult [yet most rewarding] time of my life. I've faced challenges and doubtful times, and have had to dig so deep inside myself for answers that sometimes I've wanted to go back to not even knowing that a better life is possible. I've had to resist my own tendencies towards comfort zones and detailed plans and trust myself enough to keep moving forward. 

It's common to feel stuck and not in control of our lives; it's easy to blame people or circumstances and not take responsibility for ourselves. This becomes a comfort zone; no matter how much you think you want to change, it can be easier to stay here. I see now that I needed each step of the way to learn the lessons, and to find the balance of healthy habits that works for ME.

Turns out I am someone who can have glowing skin, good digestion, and comfort in her body and mind. 

I think the greatest power we have, is in actually acknowledging that we have all the power.
— unknown