Yessss! You're doing it! Finally making an investment in yourself, taking charge and making change. 

Please take a moment to acknowledge and thank yourself for this gift. 

You are sending a powerful message that you are READY to step into the lifestyle you really want. And the universe will respond, I've seen it happen.

To get this party started, just pick the payment plan that works best for you below, and keep an eye out for an email from me with your next steps! 

See you on the other side...

12-Week Mindfulness Coaching Program [paid in full]

One payment, and done. Life changed. Because sometimes it's best to just bite the bullet so there's no turning back (why would you want to?).

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12-Week Mindfulness Coaching Program [installment plan]

Because sometimes it can feel like a lot to drop all at once (I get it), you can make 3 monthly payments and get the same kickass program.

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