Where wellness and self-love meet. 

Lazy Wellness is long naps, time to enjoy a good book, a night off to hang with friends, and indulging in your favorite foods. It's loving every bump, curve, and quirk that makes you you. Lazy Wellness means fitting healthy food, movement, and mindfulness into your life, instead of feeling like it's all or nothing. It rejects the go-go-go, ideas of "perfection," negative self-talk, judgment, and punishment, and supports you with compassion, understanding, humor, and small steps to help you reach your goals. 

Let's be clear, there's nothing truly "lazy" about my approach to wellness.

We've come to be so hard on ourselves that a day of relaxation or night of indulgence may translate as "lazy" or "bad behavior" in our minds. We set overly-ambitious goals, even making our health and wellness another checklist we must complete - another source of anxiety - and beat ourselves up when we can't do it ALL or change overnight. 

No more feeling like not enough. 

The Lazy Wellness approach is realistic, sustainable, and holistic. It goes beyond diet and exercise to address sleep, stress, anxiety, lifestyle, self-talk, body image, relationships, and even the environment you live in. Lazy Wellness means true balance, meeting you where you are NOW and taking one step at a time. It means you set attainable goals, and give yourself the time and space to meet them; so you still get to be you, to treat-yo-self, and ditch the guilt. No more grand plans and promises of overnight transformation that simply doesn't stick. Lazy Wellness will help you slowly change small habits in your life, adding up to massive change. It will integrate wellness into your life in a way that feels easy, natural, FUN, and not deprived. 

Everything in moderation, including moderation.
— Oscar Wilde