As a former 9-5er myself, I'm familiar with the burnout and time crunch created by a demanding corporate gig. Having left that lifestyle and taken a deep dive into wellness, I can now see how a few tweaks and wellness tips could have made my office-dwelling days a bit healthier and sustainable. It's my mission to offer the toolkit I never had, to take the mystery and stigma out of yoga and mindfulness, and find ways for hard-working folks to incorporate wellness into their everyday lives.

Corporate Yoga After hours or on a lunch break, we'll set up a yoga studio right in your office! Participants provide their own mats, I'll bring the stretches and sense of calm. Classes are typically one-hour long; prices vary depending on length of commitment.

Guided Meditation Chill out, de-stress, and learn breathing and visualization techniques in a 20-minute guided meditation suited to any group size. Great on it's own or paired with a yoga sesh! 

Stretch & Meditate Pretty self-explanatory, this is a one-hour session featuring 30 minutes of guided stretching specifically designed to alleviate tension that accumulates from sitting at a desk all day, followed by a 20-minute guided meditation for calming the mind. Employees won't break a sweat or need to change out of work clothes - a great break in any day!

Ergonomics & Mindfulness Workshops Learn some super simple stretches to do at your desk, breathing techniques to keep you calm and focused, and the tools you'll need to actually stick with your new healthy habits even when deadlines and nagging coworkers start stressing you out.

Urban Wellness Rides Book a private bike tour for your staff! Tours are hosted in partnership with Get Up And Ride, and can be customized based on your group's needs and interests. The Urban Wellness Rides typically include stops for healthy food and drink, a one-hour yoga sesh, and a 20-minute guided meditation, all to the beautiful backdrop of NYC.