Welcome to the Yoga Teacher Club.

I created this community with the hope that we can SHARE more of what we know with each other and help build each other up. There is a lot of competition in the yoga teaching community and I truly believe that by working together we can all flourish AND serve our community better.


The intention is to have a monthly in-person meetup with a topic for conversation or presentation. We will all contribute, sharing what we've learned in trainings and in our experience as teachers. In this space we can discuss the funky things that come up that you wouldn't learn in a TT, we can ask the questions we're afraid to ask, and we can help each other be better teachers!!

Please note: this club is for all yoga instructors! Age, race, background, gender identity, sexuality, size and shape. Our diversity is what makes us beautiful. We come to our teaching journeys with varied stories and experiences, and it is through our differences that we can share and grow together.

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The main purpose of Yoga Teacher Club is to meet up in person on a monthly basis, to connect, share our experiences, and discuss all the things that come up in our busy day-to-day of teaching yoga.

Each month we'll have a topic for discussion or for presentation/learning to help focus the conversation, but it will be a relaxed atmosphere where you are welcome to bring food or drink and stay to socialize after the discussion is over.


The next YTC meeting will be:

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

No topic - holiday party!

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Ground Rules

We're here to support eachother, learn from eachother, and talk about the stuff you just don't learn in teacher training. And with that said, there are a few ground rules...

1. NO judgement. Please respect that we will all have different styles and belief systems and keep any judgements to yourself.

2. No marketing. We all have awesome events & offerings and would love to create a space to share and promote one another - but this is not that place.

3. Expectation of privacy. I'm hoping to create a "safe space" (for lack of a better way to put it) where we can share and ask questions without any fear of impacting our jobs, gigs, or other relationships. Please keep the content of this group to yourself.

By joining this group, you agree to share openly and honestly and support your fellow yogis in their teaching journeys. I believe that if we can let the walls of fear/ego/competition come down, we can became an even greater force for good.

Thank you for being here <3